Q. How are my orders processed?
A. Select the products you want to order from the catalogue and add them to your shopping cart then proceed to the checkout. We will process your order and send you an invoice that will have the shipping calculated. Our standard terms and conditions apply for payment of goods. If you have a credit account with us, your online order will be processed and then put out for packing immediately. Please email sales@pastelpines.com if you would like to open a credit account.

Q. Where are your products made?
A. All of our Home Fragrance products are made by us here at our factory in Windsor, NSW, Australia. We import our sea shells and driftwood, ultrasonic diffusers, incense sticks and oil warmers.

Q. Is there a minimum order value?
A. Pastel
Pines International has a minimum order value of $350.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?
A. Our
normal turnaround for orders is 7 working days as some product is made to order.


Q. Where are your Seashells sourced?
A. The
majority of the Sea Shells that we source are from the Philippines. Some of our shells also come from other countries before they are imported into the Philippines for cleaning and polishing. These countries include Vietnam and Africa.
Most of the shells are used as food products before they are ‘discarded’ and collected for cleaning. A lot of the animals inside the shells are used in the animal food and seafood industries. One of our suppliers informed us that 80% of their seashells are recycled after they are found in the garbage! A lot of suppliers are also restaurants that get rid of the shells after the animals are cooked.
Other items such as starfish, barnacles and urchins are culled by local governments as they are considered pests. They often grow in numbers very quickly and take over the sea floors, taking food and resources away from other animals and sea life.

Q. Why are my Seashells different sizes?
A. Our
seashells are normally categorised into different size brackets, and the size of each shell is visible in the product description. Please note that all sizes are approximate and subject to variation. Seashells are a natural product therefore there will be some variation from shell to shell.

Q. Why are you out of stock of certain shells?
A. Seashells are natural products, so we are at the whim of mother nature when it comes to availability. Certain times of year will yield more shells than others, so occasionally we will be unable to stock certain shells due to lack of availability.
Other shells are also subject to importation and collection bans (two examples of this are Chamber Nautilus and Cassis Cornuta). We will always respect these collection bans as we want to ensure that the population of the shells remains healthy.

Q. Why does the starfish have a funny smell?
A. Starfish is a very porous creature and they can retain a “fishy” type smell even after they have been washed and bleached. The best way to combat this is to spray some of our Vivante Room Spray directly onto the starfish and then allow it to dry.


Q. How do I use Essential Oils?
A. ON THE SKIN: Essential Oils are concentrated and must be diluted in a carrier oil (like Sweet Almond Oil) or dispersed in bath water prior to use. Never apply undiluted essential oils directly onto the skin. Always test on a small area of skin before use. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Some oils are photosensitive so shouldn’t be used on the skin in any way 24 hours prior to UV light exposure - may cause burns or irritation if exposed.
BATH: Add 3-4 drops of Essential Oil to running water.
MASSAGE: Simply add a few drops of Essential Oil to carrier oil and gently massage over the skin. The oils are absorbed into the body, working from within to improve general well-being.
ULTRASONIC DIFFUSER: Simply add 2-5 drops of Essential Oil to the water in your Ultrasonic Diffuser.
OIL WARMER: Add 3-4 drops of Essential Oil to water in your oil warmer. As the oil heats, the fragrance is gently released into the air. Do not allow water to run down in your warmer. Do not leave the warmer unattended whilst in use.

Q. What is the difference between Fragrant and Essential Oils?
A. Fragrant oils are a mixture of synthetic and natural products, formulated to give pleasant fragrances. Essential oils are natural plant extracts. They are chosen because of their known aromatherapy therapeutic properties as well as their pleasant fragrance.

Q. Where are your Essential Oils sourced?
A. Our pure Essential Oils are sourced all over the globe. Some plants are naturally inclined to grow better in certain environments and the yield of oil will be increased. For instance, our Lavender oil comes from the colder climate of Bulgaria, whilst our Orange oil comes from Brazil where conditions for citrus fruits are optimal. Please contact sales@pastelpines.com for a full list of sources.


Q. How long will my Candle burn?
A. We have 2 main candle sizes – 150g and 230g. The 150g candles will burn for over 18 hours. The 230g candles will burn for over 25+ hours. The burn time may change slightly depending on the fragrance and the environment the candle is burnt in.

Q. What type of wax is used in your Candles?
A. We use a soy vegetable wax blend for all our Vivante and Renu candles. This wax is naturally derived and vegan.

Q. How long will my Reed Diffuser last?
A. We have 2 main sizes in reed diffusers – 80mL and 145mL. Our 80mL diffusers will usually last from 4-6 weeks. Our 145mL diffusers will last up to 12 weeks depending on the environment they are in. As a general rule, the more air circulation in the room the faster the diffuser will run out, so for optimal duration it may be best to place the reed diffuser away from open windows and high wind areas.